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A Business of Our Own

Building on previous learning and concepts, the opportunity is now in the hands of the students to apply their knowledge gleaned from other JA programs to operate their own retail business. Students create, organize and run their own business for a day and see what challenges and successes come from working as a group towards a common goal.

Delivered in 4 one hour sessions, the students must create a business plan for an idea that they have generated with the help from their volunteer and teacher. Students create their own deadlines, set pricing for their materials, identify and fabricate their items and decide allocation of their profits.

Consult the next generation of leaders now by preparing them to understand:

  • Business Basics: Why do you need a plan and who writes it?
  • Identifying Options: How market research works in determining a product
  • The 3 P’s of Business: Price, Place, and Product when it comes to marketing
  • Adding Up: How to make a profit while still keeping the consumer happy
  • Liquidation and Allocation: How to close a business and what to do with the profit.

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Program Details

Level: Grade 6
Commitment: 5 hours
Program Code: Teacher-led, Project Based

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