Achievers… are you thinking of starting a business someday? Are your education plans dependent on financial assistance?  Take a look at the ManCap Foundation Education Grant in the links below.  You could earn $4000 to your post-secondary education.  High marks are NOT a requirement.

ManCap Education Grant


Grant Application

Awards Night

Company Program Awards will take place on June 8th at the Old Royal Alberta Museum.  A reception with light refreshments will begin at 5:45pm and the program will start at 6:30pm.  You must RSVP by Tuesday, June 6 if you plan to attend.  The maximum number of guests is 400, so please be respectful of this if you plan to bring guests with you that night and try to limit it to 1.  If the 400 limit is reached, names will be added to a waiting list in the order they were received in the RSVP form.

Ensure to select “Company Program Awards” from the drop down menu under “which event are you attending” or your RSVP will not count.


We cannot guarantee that a specific member of your company will be available for the time slot of any given company interview, as he or she may be in an individual award interview.  You must have 3 company members participate in the company interview.  For this reason, we recommend having a few extra company members attend awards night who are ready and prepared to be included in the company interview.

For example: you may wish to have your president participate in the Company Of The Year interview at 6:30, BUT your president may be scheduled to be in the President of the Year interview at 6:30.  It is not possible for that person to attend both.

If you have questions about this, please let Morgan know.


Thank you to everyone who applied for awards this year.  There was a lot of close competition and unfortunately we cannot select everyone who has applied.  If you were a successful applicant, you will have received an email at the address you specified in your application from Morgan (be sure to check your junk folder just in case!) outlining what interviews you have been selected to attend, along with instructions for that night.

Interviews will take place on TUESDAY MAY 30.  Please arrive at 6:00pm at St Rose Junior High School (8815 145 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 0T7).  Interviews will begin at 6:15.  If you are late for your interview or cannot make it at the scheduled time, you will no longer be considered for this award – exceptions will not be made.  If you are only selected for one interview only, you may leave once it is complete.

You may wait in the cafeteria if you are selected for more than one interview.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner.  Failure to comply may result in your losing your interview spot.

Company award interviews must have three members present, failure to have three members may result in your company losing the interview spot.

Please note you are expected to dress professionally (example: what you wore to ABHOF) or similar business attire.  Please bring any and all necessary supplemental information for your interview (including but not limited to Shareholder’s Report).

Parking is available at the school.

Thanks and good luck!

Week 15 – May 15, 2017

Financial Audit:
ALL money should be coming into your company this week since Financial Audits are to be completed next week – no exceptions unless you’ve made arrangements with Morgan.

VP Finances, please come prepared next week with all company receipts and cheques, and by having your QuickBooks/Google Classroom up to date, inclusive of the End of Program journal entries in the Sample Journal Entries handout.

All other executives are expected to work on your company’s Shareholder’s Report on your Company Program day!  Bring a bound copy to interviews for us and bring a few normal ones into the interview for your own referencing.

Once applications have closed on the 19th, only those chosen for an interview spot will be contacted via email by Morgan.  Be sure to check your email the following week to see if you’ve been selected for an interview.
Are you nervous about interviews? Well don’t you worry! We’ve created an Interview Preparation Sheet with tips & tricks on interview etiquette and how to present yourself during the interview! Check it out under the ‘Resources’ tab!

Interview Procedures:
All achievers from the Edmonton area (including St. Albert & Spruce Grove) scheduled for an interview MUST be St. Rose Junior High School in person for their interview – no exceptions.  More details, including the time, will be sent if you are chosen for an interview.
Fort McMurray students will be interviewed by video conference. All achievers scheduled for an interview MUST be at the same location at 5PM to check the internet connection.
Dress with Business Wear! Remember, first impressions count!
The company interviews require 3 achievers from your company. Please choose the three achievers before the interview.

Awards Night:

Thursday, June 8 at the Old Royal Alberta Museum.  More details to come.

Note about CP Award applications

Award application are due by 11:59 on Friday, May 19.  Don’t miss your chance on being selected to receive thousands of dollars in award monies.

Each application will be assessed using a rubric, which can be found on the Resources page under Award Application Rubric.  Only a handful of applicants will be given the opportunity to attend interviews so make sure your answers are thorough and thoughtful.

Week 14 – May 8, 2017

A Job Well Done!

To the achievers who attended ABHOF last Wednesday, you all did a fantastic job! All the guest were impressed by your professionalism, energy and polite manners. We hope the night was as fantastic as you all were. Keep up the great work!

Last week of Production

This should be the company’s last week to produce and fill in any outstanding orders. Next week (Week 15) all money will need to be in for VP Finance to undergo financial audit during week 16.

If production cannot be finished by the end of this week please contact the ABC team via email.

Preparing for Financial Audit

VP Finances will be completing Financial Audit during week 16. To prepare please ensure all money is turned into the company and deposits are completed at the end of week 15. As well ensure your company has enough cheques to reimburse any material cost and pay shareholders. (Each shareholder should have an individual cheque, we will combine wages/salaries and shares into a single cheque). Gather all receipts from company members and ensure your IT system is up to date. Lastly gather a list of the shareholder’s legal names since we will need this to pay each shareholder back.

Missing Item

A student’s jacket went missing from the student room at ABHOF.  It is a black rain jacket with blue lining on the inside. The brand is Cole Haan and the size is small. It had a zipper and the pockets have buttons.   The jacket was on its own on the table and was folded. If you accidentally took home the jacket with your things, please let Morgan ( know and she will make arrangements with you to return the jacket to its owner.

Week 13 – May 1, 2017

Award Applications are open!

All students in the 2017 Company Program are eligible to apply for awards and we highly recommend you do so! Please read the criteria and then submit one application form per person. Select all possible awards and scholarships that apply to you! Visit the scholarships page for more information.

The application deadline is Friday, May 19th, 2017 at 11:59PM.


The awards process is as follows:

Achievers fill out an application form with all the awards he/she would like to apply for by May 19.

That week, applications will be reviewed by the Advisors who will give feedback on them.

Applications will then be reviewed by JA staff. Based on Business Plans, Audits, Shareholder’s Report, the application, and comments from advisors, JA staff will determine the achievers eligible for an interview.

Interviews will take place on Tuesday, May 30 at St. Rose Junior High School.

Winners will be announced at the Company Program Awards night on Thursday, June 8, 2017.

Next Generation Leaders Forum

This year, we are sending four students to London, Ontario for the Next Generation Leaders Forum! It is an all expenses paid trip from Sunday, August 20 to Friday, August 25th. Please make sure you can attend during those dates before you apply!

Visit the website for more information!

Company Awards

All companies are eligible to apply for awards and we highly recommend you do so! Please read the criteria and then submit one application form per company. Visit the scholarships page for more information.

The application deadline is Friday, May 19, 2017 at 11:59PM. The advisor signature included in your company’s verification cannot be electronic.


Please keep in mind that the company interviews require 3 achievers from your company. Select the three achievers before the interview.

Shareholder’s Report

Please download the Criteria and Checklist for the Shareholder’s Report under Resources. All companies must complete the steps listed in the documents to qualify for awards.

All Shareholder’s Reports are due on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. All companies must submit a digital copy on Google Classroom in PDF format by the deadline. All companies must hand in a hard copy. If your company receives an interview, hard copies must be handed at Interviews. Companies who do not receive an interview must either mail in a hard copy, arrange to drop them off at the JA Centre, or must hand in their hard copies at Company Program Awards.


Please make sure for the event you bring comfortable footwear, as students will be assembled on stage for a part of the program.

Important ABHOF Information

Setup is from 3:00-4:30PM. Your trade show booth must be setup by 4:30 as the reception is starting at this time. Don’t forget to bring a float, your banner, business cards, packaged products, booth decorations, price signs, sales slips, pens, and safety pins or tape to hang your banner.

The reception will be from 4:30-5:30PM. During this time you will be selling your products. Please make sure there is no more than two people at the booth. Other members not at the booth will be networking with ABHOF attendees.

The dinner program will begin at 5:30PM and the program will end around 7:45PM. After the dinner program ends you will have another chance to sell your products. Please planned to be picked up at 9:15PM.

If you need an excuse letter for missing school please email the ABC team and we will be happy to provide you one!

President’s Luncheon

When: Wednesday May 3rd @ 11:30AM – 1:00PM

Where: Riverview Room at the Shaw Conference Centre

Week 12 – April 24, 2017

Last Week of Production

The last week of production is Week 14 (May 8 – 12)! No exceptions!

Just a note – your last sales are required to come in during Week 15 (May 15 – 19). All money from last sales should be coming in so they can be deposited! No other sales are allowed to be made after Week 15. Your company will also be undergoing liquidation this week! This means that all raw materials, shop supplies, goods not sold, etc should be either auctioned off or sold at a reduced price to convert all assets to cash. All cash NEEDS to be in at the end of Week 15, as this will be your last bank deposit.

Week 16 (May 18 – 22), the VP Finance of each company will be doing a Financial Audit during your Company Program meeting! Make sure your Google sheets, and QuickBooks or petty cash log is all up to date before Week 16! If your company has a bank account please make sure to have a copy of all bank transactions for your Week 16 meeting. VP Finances, make sure you have enough cheques for each shareholder, as well as one to pay the JA taxes.

ABHOF Dress Code Reminder

Please remember that ABHOF is formal event, as the dress code is business formal. That means no jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts, summer dresses, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops or hats! Dresses should be longer than the end of your fingers when your arms are hanging limp by your sides. They should not show an excessive amount of skin and your necklines must be at an acceptable level. There should be no visible straps and no backless dresses.

If you’re unsure if what you want to wear is business formal, ask your advisor or the ABC team.

Reminder to RSVP!

Achievers who will be representing their company at ABHOF please RSVP here by Friday April 21st at noon!

If you do not RSVP by the deadline, tickets will be forfeited and allocated to another student.

Presidents who will be attending President’s Luncheon in the afternoon of ABHOF please complete a separate RSVP form with President’s Luncheon as the event.

Week 11- April 17, 2017

Audit Feedback

Audits are marked! Each company will be receiving feedback on their company’s audit and product this week. Marked audits will be released the beginning of your meeting time this week, on Google Classroom along with your ranking. Each company will be placed in a quartile relative to other companies. Scores were awarded based on the averages of the entire audit, therefore some sections may have received more or less points. In other words the company falling into a quartile does not necessarily mean the VP section also received the same ranking.

On Google Classroom companies have been provided a score to represent which quartile they fall in.

100 – first quartile (top ranking)

75 – second quartile (second ranking)

50 – third quartile (third ranking)

25 – fourth quartile (last ranking)

0 – not submitted

The score does not represent a numerical value of the quality of the audit, it is simply a system in order for companies to determine where they stand relative to their peers. A score of 100 does not mean companies had no faults similarly a score of 25 does not mean the audit received a failing grade.

Audit Feedback Meeting

Feedback will be received during your regular company meetings this week (April 18-21 and 24). Company Program Coordinator will have a meeting with your president and one advisor to provide feedback on your audit over skype. We will point out areas you excelled at and areas you need to work on in order to help you better understand the elements of an audit. Please answer the doodle poll below to book your company’s feedback appointment. It is your company’s responsibility to book a feedback meeting.

In the doodle poll please use your company name, and companies are only allowed ONE feedback session. Our skype name jacompanyprogram, and please be ready ahead of time online for your feedback meeting.

If there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the ABC Team.

Audit Part 2

The final audit will be due at the end of your week 12 meeting. for examples if your weekly company meetings are Wednesday from 6-9PM. Your final audit will be due April 26 at 9PM. Please make sure to print off a new copy of the audit, and, using the feedback we provided you, fill out the audit again. If there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the ABC Team.

Alberta Business Hall of Fame

Reminder that students who have been selected by their companies to attend ABHOF. The deadline to RSVP is this Friday, April 21 at 9PM.

Week 10- April 10, 2017

The ABC team is extremely happy with all the companies that were in the West Edmonton Mall trade show this year, well done everybody! Also, a huge congratulations to all the companies that participated in The Big Pitch. Congratulations to Green Write, A Junior Achievement Company, for taking home first place!

Audit Invoices

If your company was not the the West Edmonton Mall trade show or you didn’t have the cheque or cash with you, please email as soon as possible to arrange this exchange.

Audit Feedback

This year audit feedback will be delivered in person or via Skype next week. A doodle poll will soon be released for your company to book an appointment with the ABC team for feedback.

Make sure to check the news to see when it is released!

Alberta Business Hall of Fame

The Alberta Business Hall of Fame (ABHOF) is one of JA’s most prestigious events! It recognizes prominent individuals from the business world and also gives students like you an opportunity to meet those people!

What: The Alberta Business Hall of Fame
When: Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Time: 3:30PM – 9:30PM
Where: Shaw Conference Centre

This year, each company is permitted to send 5 students to ABHOF. Your company and advisors should determine the parameters on how you will choose these individuals. The selection process should be equal and fair to all members of your company. That means that students in executive positions do not automatically get to go. 

Look at factors like individual attendance, sales, enthusiasm, work ethic, or a combination of all. You can even start a sales competition within your company to earn a ticket!

Those selected students will be required to RSVP online by April 21st at 9PM.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact The ABC team right away!

ABHOF Dress Code

The dress code for the Alberta Business Hall of Fame is Business Formal. That means no jeans, yoga pants, t-shirts, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops or hats! If you’re unsure if what you want to wear is business formal, ask your advisor or a the ABC team.


  • Suit (Blazer, Dress Shirt & Pants, Vest is optional)
  • Tie
  • Belt
  • Dress Shoes

Note: Dress shirts are to be tucked in! Pants are to be pulled up! We should not be able to see your undergarments. No exceptions!


  • Suit (Blazer, Blouse/Dress Shirt, Dress Pants/Skirt)
  • Dress
  • Heels/Flats (no straw wedges)

*Note: Skirts / Dresses should be longer than the end of your fingers when your arms are hanging limp by your sides. They should not show an excessive amount of skin and your necklines must be at an acceptable level. There should be no visible straps and no backless dresses. Summer dresses are not considered business attire!

If you have any questions or concerns about the dress code or need some fashion advice, please do not hesitate to ask the ABC team for help!

You will not be allowed to participate in the event if you do not dress properly (even if you are at the venue). Remember, you could be meeting future employers! Make a good impression!

Week 9 – April 3, 2017

Welcome back achievers! We hope spring break was enjoyable and relaxing because this is going to be a busy and exciting week for your company!

Business cards, Banners, and Labels

The West Edmonton Mall trade show is approaching very quickly! As a reminder, the company’s business cards, banner, and labels must be approved by the ABC team before they are printed and used.

A few tips to keep in mind when designing the promotional material:

  • The business cards, label, and banner must include an updated JA logo (the JA logo can be found under the resources tab).
  • Send a high resolution picture to the ABC team.
  • Ensure spelling and grammar are correct.

Please send submissions to or using a personal email or the company email.

West Edmonton Mall Tradeshow

The WEM Trade Show is THIS Saturday, April 8! Set up starts at 8:30 AM by the HMV stage (by the pirate ship)! Tables are picked on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure someone from the company is able to be there 8:30 am sharp! The trade show booths will be run until 4:00 pm, then should be taken down by 4:30 pm.

Booth information:

  • Table dimensions are: 29-1/4″(H) x 72″(W) x 30″(D).
  • One table per company.
  • 2 chairs per table.
  • No balloons permitted, helium or otherwise.
  • No donation boxes allowed.
  • No handmade banners or signs!

If your company is interested in using “Square” please email the centre managers as soon as possible.

Please have all attending members RSVP under Attend an Event! All company members should help out this day. A good idea is to organize and coordinate a schedule with different shifts so that all company members have an equal amount of time at the booth.

See previous posts for other details!

The Big Pitch Competition

The Big Pitch will start at 12:30 pm. Make sure to tell your family and friends to come and support the participating companies!

The ABC Team is excited to see you all there!

Alberta Business Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

This year we are excited to announce that we will be choosing our ABHOF speaker by application and interview process.  If you would like to be considered as the student speaker at ABHOF, send an email to Morgan ( with the subject line: ABHOF Student Speaker Application, and a body of NO MORE THAN 1 PARAGRAPH (5-6 sentences) explaining why you feel you should be the student speaker.   Email must be received by 3:30pm on Monday, April 10.  You MUST be able to attend an interview starting at 3:00pm on Tuesday, April 18 at the JA office if you are selected as a finalist.



Spring Break! – March 27, 2017

This week there is no formal Company Program meeting. Spring Break is not considered a week in the IT system. All extra production and sales sold should go under week 9 in the IT system when you return net week.

BIG PITCH Competition Finalist

The finalist for the BIG PITCH competition are…

  1. Infinote
  2. Memory Magnets
  3. Green Write & Just Coast

and the wild card selection is…


This year there was a tie for 3rd place between Green Write and Just Coast at 991 likes, because of this the coordinators have decided to open up an extra spot in the competition and allow 5 companies to partake in the BIG PITCH.

Congratulations to the 5 finalist. Good luck and we’ll see you on stage!

CPA Visits

During the week of April 10th, a representative from CPA Alberta will be visiting companies to inform students on upcoming opportunities and workshops. Morgan will be connecting with advisors to schedule times for each company’s visit.


Week 8 – March 20, 2017

Business Plan Feedback

This year feedback will be provided in a ranking order. Each company will be placed in a quartile dependent on their placement relative to other companies. Scores were awarded based on the averages of the entire business plan, therefore some sections may have received more or less points. In other words the company falling into a quartile does not necessarily mean the VP section also received the same ranking.

On Google Classroom companies have been provided a score to represent which quartile they fall in.

100 – first quartile (top ranking)

75 – second quartile (second ranking)

50 – third quartile (third ranking)

25 – fourth quartile (last ranking)

0 – not submitted

The score does not represent a numerical value of the quality of business plan, it is simply a system in order for companies to determine where they stand relative to their peers. A score of 100 does not mean companies had no faults similarly a score of 25 does not mean the business plan received a failing grade.

If you would like to speak more specifically about your business plans and why you received a certain ranking please feel free to contact the ABC team at

School Emails

Recently it has come to our attention that those who are using a school email to contact us (e.g.: epsb emails) have not been receiving our replies. On our end your email appears as a series of random numbers and therefore emails may be lost. If you have not received a reply concerning something and you have emailed us using a school email please contact us again using a different email and we will gladly provide a response. Thank you for the cooperation.

WEM Trade Show – Updates

Here are a few updates provided by West Edmonton Mall. Please respect the restrictions implemented by WEM as these are the conditions for our participation in the mall.

Trade show booth dimensions: 29-1/4″(H) x 72″(W) x 30″(D)

No balloons (helium or others)

Sale items cannot exceed $20

Monetary donation boxes are not allowed

Music cannot exceed 30 decibel (heard from approximately 2 feet away)

Big Pitch Preliminaries

All participating commercials have now been uploaded to the JANA Company Program Facebook page. Reminder to share and like your company commercial to help land a spot as a Big Pitch finalist!

The Big Pitch preliminaries will end March 26 at 11:59pm and finalist will be announced March 27th.  Stay tuned for the results!

Spring Break

For all Edmonton companies, Company Program will not be running during spring break (March 27 – 31). If your company still wants to have a production night during the week, make sure to fill out the Extra Meetings form in the VP HR section of Google Classroom.


  1. JA staff will be collecting your JA invoices and a product for audit during the trade show. The product will be randomly selected (do not try to make a ‘special’ one for us)
  2. Please RSVP to the WEM trade show – each member should fill out an RSVP form


Week 7 – March 13, 2017

Audit – NEW due date

The Audit Template is now released under the ‘Resources’ tab! The Audit is now due on Friday, March 31th and must be uploaded to Google Classroom as an assignment before 11:59 PM.

Square Information

As the WEM Trade show approaches many students have asked about alternative methods of accepting payments. JA recognizes Square as a reliable method of accepting credit card payments from customers therefore this year each company will be supplied with one Square Reader which they may use during the JA term. Please ensure your company reads over the ‘Square Information’ document found under the ‘resources’ tab prior to use of Square. Square Readers must be returned at the end of liquidation week.

Companies will be able to pick up a Square Reader at the WEM Trade Show. If students companies are planning on using Square at WEM, please make sure to set up your account in advance. Since, you will need your advisors’ help to link your bank account. Information to set up your Square account can be found in the ‘Square Information’ document.

West Edmonton Mall Trade Show

The West Edmonton Mall Trade Show is happening on April 8th at the Newcap Radio Stage by HMV. Set up is from 8-9:30AM and the Trade Show runs from 9:30AM-4PM. Takedown is from 4-5PM. The Company Program Team will be collecting invoices, and  selecting products for evaluation on the audit during the WEM Trade Show.

Everyone who attends must be in either business casual clothing or team attire (printed t-shirts, colour schemed clothes, etc.) NO JEANS.

Please remember to bring your own float. We won’t have any change for you.


  • Every member of the company can attend the trade show but only a minimum of one and a maximum of TWO members are allowed behind the booth at all times.
  • No hand-made banners are allowed at the Trade Show, only professionally printed ones. (Remember to get them approved by a coordinator!)
  • No advertising for your company outside of your booth area.

The Big Pitch Contest

Commercial will be posted this week. On the JANA Company Program Facebook page. Commercials will begin to be posted on Wednesday, in the order they were received. Commercials not following the guidelines will NOT be posted till the end of the contest. Remember, only “likes” on the original video that we have posted on the JANA Company Program Facebook page will count towards the contest.

Week 6 – March 6, 2017

Logo and Promotional Materials

Make sure your logo, labels, and banners are approved by the Company Program team. Anything printed without approval will NOT be allowed. For approval of any materials please email them to or

Company Commercial

Your 1-minute commercial is due Tuesday March 14th! Submissions are accepted until 11:59PM. The link will need to be submitted on drop box.

Please also ensure that the commercial is posted on your company’s website!

Audit Template

The Audit Template will released Monday March 13th. You will be able to find it under the ‘Resources’ tab! The Audit is due on Friday March 24th and must be submitted via google classroom as an assignment. As well, the audit should be submitted as a PDF before 11:59 PM.

Week 5 – Feb 27, 2017

Production and Sales

This week is the first week of production and sales! The VP Production should ideally train members this week on how to make the product and have the process underway. The sooner you start producing, the sooner you’ll be able to sell!

(That means that you should have at least your 2nd batch of products for the WEM trade show. Please do NOT wait until the trade shows to start selling!)

Submission of Executive Roster

A friendly reminder that companies should email their full executive roster to the ABC team. The email should include the company name, location, and list of executives (full name, position, and emails). If we do not receive your submission by Thursday March 2nd, you will not have an account for Executive Orientation and will not be able to follow along during training.


RSVP for Executive Orientation

Executive Orientation – March 4th 9am @NAIT main campus CAT building

Business Plan due – March 10th 11:59 pm

Commercial due – March 14th 11:59pm

Week 4 – Feb 21, 2017

Business Plan

The templates for the Business Plan will go live under the ‘Resources’ tab on the website on Friday, February 24th at noon. Executives will be briefed on their sections during Executive Orientation on Saturday, March 4th, during executive training. The business plan is due March 10th at midnight. Anything after that will be considered late and result in penalty. Files MUST be submitted as PDF documents. The president is required to submit this document.

Business plan is now live and can be found here

Executive Orientation

All executives are expected to attend the mandatory Executive Orientation held on Saturday March 4th in the JR Shaw School of Business wing of the CAT building on NAIT’s main campus.

During Executive Orientation you will learn everything you need to succeed in your executive roles as well as attend keynote sessions held by business professionals in the community! The orientation will last all day starting at 9am and finishing around 4pm,

You receive your Google Classroom login, Website domain and financial tools all at Executive Orientation.

This will be a full day of learning and excitement therefore please come prepared with a lunch, water and note taking tools.  

**VP IT and VP Finance should come prepared with a laptop or tablet in order to follow along with the training sessions. If you do not have this available to you please contact the ABC team as soon as you are elected!

If you are attending Executive Orientation, you MUST RSVP on the website under ‘Attend a JA Event’


This week the companies are going to be electing their President and Executive Team. It is up to the company to decide on the election process however please conduct voting via secret ballot. Once the executive team is finalized, it must be recorded and submitted to the ABC team via email.

A quick reminder to check last weeks news post on regulations regarding the requirements of the President’s position. Otherwise we highly encourage all students to run for at least one position regardless of experience and age.

Your company can also assign assistants to the respective departments. These assistants can also attend Executive Orientation.



This year JA is hosting The Big Pitch Event again! This event is like the JA version of Dragon’s Den. 4 companies will be chosen to participate in this event. There will be judges to choose the winning pitch and a cash prize to the charity of the winning company’s choice!

Here are the contest rules of how to become eligible for a spot in The Big Pitch:

The top three commercials with the most “likes” on Facebook will receive a spot to pitch their company and product at the event. A fourth spot will be a “wildcard” choice, chosen by the Company Program Team.

Only “likes” on the original video that we have posted on the JANA Company Program Facebook page will count towards the contest. So if you choose to share your company’s video, make sure people click the post and like the original video. Any “likes” to your personal post will not count towards the contest.

Commercials will be posted to this page in the order that they were received. Any commercials that did not follow the rules and guidelines or that were submitted after the deadline will be posted after the contest has ended.

The contest will end on Sunday, March 26th at 12:30 PM. The winners will be announced on Monday, March 27th. This allows the companies four weeks to prepare for The Big Pitch.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Week 3 – Feb 13, 2017

Google Classroom

To advisors who have volunteered to hold their company’s advisor account please check your email for your Google Classroom login information. We have sent them out over the last few weeks therefore they may be further back in your inbox. Once logged in, go to the Google Classroom URL found here and select the teacher option. After that it will take a day to process and link your account to your company.

Product Submission Status

The products that were submitted last week will either have an approved, ongoing, or denied status. If the product was approved, the company is now able to buy  raw materials to create the first batch of products.

DO NOT buy all the materials that you will need throughout the year as JA staff expects improvements to be made to the product throughout the term.

If your submission status is ongoing or denied, you will receive feedback from the ABC team that will help guide the company.

Advertisement – Logo, Labels, Banners

The company can now start to design a logo, labels, and a banner. A JA staff member must approve all materials. Anything that is printed without approval will not be allowed


Logos & Labels – Remember that the company name includes “A JA Company” or “A Junior Achievement Company” after it – ergo it is also needed on your logo if you choose to use your name in the logo. There’s also a difference between a logo and a label. A logo represents your company, like how Apple’s logo is an apple, whereas a label is what you will use to promote/package your product (think of how they package their MacBook)!

For the labels, the Junior Achievement logo must be included no matter what! JA logos have been posted under resources on the website. The company MUST use one of those in all of your promotional material. You cannot change or reformat the logo in any way. Before sending your logos & labels to print, you MUST get approval from a JA staff member. If any promotional material is printed before having it approved by the ABC team, the company will not be permitted to use it.

Buying Shares

This week students should be buying a share into their company. Each company members must buy one $10.00 share . Each member can only buy ONE share. It is up to the discretion of the company if they want the advisors to hold shares in the company.

Share certificates can be found under the resources page on the website or can be downloaded here

Share Numbers are allocated by company and are as followed:

Oilers Entertainment Group: 0001-0021

Clareview Multicultural Centre: 0022-0042

Design Group Staffing (Ducor) 0043-0063 

Fountain Tire: 0064-0084

JR Shaw School of Business: 0085-0105

Business Link: 0106-0126

First Truck: 0127-0147

ATB: 0148-0168

Design Group Staffing (Ducor) THURSDAY: 0169-0189

Stantec: 0190-0210

St. Albert Community Information and Volunteer Centre: 0211-0231

Spruce Grove: 0232-0252 

In School

Winterburn: 0253-0273

St Clement: 0274-0304

St. Alphonsus: 0305-0335

St. Rose: 0336-0366

McNally: 0367-0387

Grand Prarie: 0388-0418

Fort McMurry – Please use certificates provided

Elections and Executive Orientation

Executive Elections will be held NEXT WEEK (February 20 – 24). Your company will decide on an elections process to determine your executive team – whether it be via secret ballot, interviews, etc. Restrictions on who can run are only placed on the President position. Every other position is available for all students. We highly encourage all students to run for at least one position regardless of experience and age. The formal Executive Team includes the following positions:

-President – Must be a returning achiever, if there are returning achievers in a company fit to be president.

*In the absence of a returning achiever in the after school program, any student can be president other than a grade 9 student. In every program, If there is only one returning achiever, a new student can contest the running.

-VP Finance

-VP Marketing

-VP Production

-VP Human Resources

-VP Information Technology

-Manager of Health and Safety

Achievers who are elected must be able to attend Executive Orientation occurring on Saturday March 4th. Your company can also assign assistants to the respective departments. These assistants can also attend Executive Orientation.


Advisors – please submit a list of the executives elected on elections night with first name, last name and email address.

Individual and Company Photos  

Individual and Company Photos should be taken in the next 2-3 weeks. Please ensure that the company’s photos and individual photos are finished and sent to a JA staff member. Guidelines are posted on the JA website under resources. 


Now that you’ve chosen a product, it’s time to create a commercial for it! Start planning now so you can express your ideas and have enough time to edit it. The video is due on Friday, March 13 before midnight. You can submit it by uploading it onto youtube/dropbox and providing us a link.

The commercial should include: 

company name

company logo


The commercial must be EXACTLY ONE MINUTE. Not a second more or less – no exceptions. Also, no attack ads please!

Product Submission Form

The Product Submission Form application can be found here at noon today (Friday February 10th). 

After submitting the form please email all necessary attachments e.g.: photos of prototypes, and Market Research Questionnaire to

This is to ensure companies with larger file sizes due to thorough research will not be penalized by longer upload times during submission.

Week 2 – Feb 6, 2017

Environmental Grant

The Alberta Emerald Foundation is giving away grants to help engage students in environmental initiatives. If your company aims to be environmentally friendly, you could get a grant of up to $500! To qualify for this grant your product, production process, or company initiatives must be environmentally friendly.

For more information click here!

Companies are responsible for submitting their own application to the Alberta Emerald Foundation. There are a limited amount of grants available.

Product Submission

The product submission form will be available this Friday, February 10th at noon.

Remember products are reviewed in the order which they are submitted. If two companies submit similar products, the first company to submit will be accepted (provided it follows the rules).

Do not submit your product submissions before noon!  Those who submit their products early will be bumped to the bottom of the list.

You can find a template of the questions asked on the Product Submission Form here or by visiting the resources tab!

Break Even Point Analysis

If you need help calculating your break-even point, there is an Excel spreadsheet available under the Resources tab!

Make sure to also download the invoice!

Week 1 – Jan 30, 2017

Welcome to JACP

Welcome to the Junior Achievement Company Program! We are so happy you decided to sign up for JA, whether it’s your first year or if you’re returning!

Every student registered in the Company Program will be given a Parent Consent form and the Policies and Procedures. You may also find these attachments under the Resources tab

The Parent Consent form must be signed by your parents and returned by Week 2 February 6 – 10. Please don’t forget!

This week you will meet your company and advisors, start brainstorming products, and prepare for market research. Come ready to share and develop your ideas!

The Market Research Questionnaire and Product Research Questionnaire are now available.

National Awards and Scholarships

Attention all returning achievers!

The 2017 National Awards and Scholarships are now open and there’s over $50,000 to be awarded! There are awards for all grade levels and we encourage you all to apply.

The applications are completed online and you can apply by visiting:

The deadline is on Friday, March 10, 2017

Please keep in mind proper etiquette when approaching others for letters of reference. In general please give your references at least two weeks notice.